Thursday, August 30, 2007

S.K.I.P. "Autobiographicology" on Nonsense Records

On August 21st, Nonsense Records (yep, the good folks who brought us X:144 & SPS in '06) released "Autobiographicology" from Orlando, Florida emcee S.K.I.P.

The album, produced entirely by Swamburger of Sol.illaquists of Sound, offers up the same wide open and eclectic sonic experience that Sol.illaquists of Sound first introduced to the world on their Anti/Epitaph debut "As If We Existed." There is little doubt that S.K.I.P. wears his influences on his sleeve. A flow that owes a debt to Sage Francis isn't always a bad thing however. He is most interesting and (listenable) when he manages to stay out of the way of his own earnestness and instead lets the funk and soul of the tracks and his own rhythms breathe.

S.K.I.P. has also made his way into URB's next 1000 contest. You can go over there and throw some support his way by clicking right here. And go cop the album!! It is available all over the place.

Download "sky piece"
Download "limelight"

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