Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amerie "Take Control" Dave Ghetto Remix

I have a radio show called Hip Hop Flavors on WMNF 88.5 in Tampa, Florida. Been doin' it for goin on five years and I love it! I especially love our listeners. Even when I think that we're alone in a studio on Martin Luther King with no one paying attention to us in the middle of the night folks are actually listening! (cool!!)

The show streams online 24/7 right here. So go and listen now!!

The point here is that I got a myspace message from a listener in California asking about a specific song from December (!) by Amerie featuring Dave Ghetto. The track is called "Take Control" and as far as I know it was an unofficial remix that Dave Ghetto dropped a verse onto. The track is mad funky with horn stabs and a guitar lick that just repeats until you start snappin' yer neck like a chiropractor!!

So this one goes out to Eko! Thanks for listenin'. Tell some folks about the radio show, and hey, maybe even send 'em over to kicks-n-jams...

I love to serve our listeners!

Download "Take Control"

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