Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Evan Dorkin's "Bif Bam Pow" released Nov 1st

Evan Dorkin is one of my favorite comic book artists. He is the brains and talent behind "Pirate Corp$ / Hectic Planet," (where I fell in love with his work) "Milk & Cheese," Marvel's "Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book," and many more. His most well known work is also the work that he gets the least credit for. He,(along with his wife Sarah) has worked on "Space Ghost Coast To Coast," and the "Superman" animated series. He has also done the occasional album cover for various (mostly ska) bands.

Why tell you about this?? Well he has a new comic coming out and you need it!!
"BIF-BAM-POW!" #1 hits comic shop shelves Nov. 1st. It is coming out on Slave Labor Graphics (and lemme tell ya, they've been releasing some great comic books for a looong time. Go see for yourself!)

He also maintains a blog called "Big Mouth Types Again" that amuses and entertains me.

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