Monday, August 27, 2007

Witchdoctor of Dungeon Fam returns on new CunninLynguists 12"

CunninLynguists (Deacon The Villain & Kno) have returned with a new album "Dirty Acres" and, alongside Witchdoctor and Phonte, of Little Brother fame, they have delivered a pretty dope, simmering, burner called "Yellow Lines."

I have been a geek for Witchdoctor since he released the track "Holiday" way back in '97!! He is probably the least acclaimed member of The Dungeon Family (Goodie MOB, Outkast, Killer Mike, Cool Breeze etc.) but that's always been why I dug him. I like the underdogs, what can I say?

The guitar sample is what drives this one for me. It just takes me back to that time when Dungeon Family was makin' moves. Before Andre became 3000 and stopped making albums in the same room with Big Boi. When Cee-Lo wasn't covering 80's one hit wonders and dressing like 70's pop cultural icons. When "
Southernplayalisticadillacfunkymusic" was what every head knew was the next shit that hadn't blown into the mainstream yet. When the whole crew got into a room and dropped a banger like "Watch For The Hook." When it was still "ours" and it was so so dope!! Big props to Cunninlynguists for takin' me back there for just a few moments at least!!

This is highly recommended! Go and cop it when it drops!

Download "
Yellow Lines"

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