Monday, January 14, 2008

Militant Military "In Da Bikke"

things that make you go "hmmmm"
This one may take the cake. Militant Military is a Tampa group.
Here is their press release:

Militant Military? is compromised of what some may call a group of “young soldiers, rebels and revolutionaries”. Although the name may sound controversial, the troop certainly is not. “Militant Military? is a state of mind equipped with an army of Soljah’s to fight a battle for God” according to Soljah, the leader of the troops. “At one point, we were not disciplined, but had to learn to overcome those obstacles and discipline ourselves”. He further states, “due to our growth as individuals, as team, as a unit of one, we’re able to share a purpose, a vision, and the determination to work towards a common goal.”

What was once an ordinary group of men and women led by the misconceptions of life has now emerged into an Army that’s a force to be reckoned with. Whenever these Soljah’s take the stage daunting their signature mask and hip-militant attire, you best believe that there will be Attention on Deck!! The group is always on the grind performing shows throughout Florida; leaving their branded imprint in large and small cities alike.

This new revolutionary state of mind hip hop group promises to take charge and become viable members of the world’s hip hop movement.

Where to begin? Revolutionary towards or about what!?! Is it revolutionary to wear masks (ghostface)? Is it revolutionary to wear camo? There's nothing wrong with the song. It's a good club track about drugs and partying and getting fucked up. But what is militant about that??? What battle is being fought for God? How many more non-specific assertions can you make in one press release?
"We're militant!" about what?
"We're focused!" on what?
"We're disciplined!" How and why exactly?
"We share a determination! about what?
"We're working towards a common goal!" and that goal is...a player to be named later?!?!?
I DON'T GET IT! What exactly is being said here? If this is what's being pawned off as revolutionary in hip hop (and if it's accepted as such) then 2008 is in a sad state of affairs already. And nobody better come at me with this "stop hatin'" bullshit either. I don't hate party music. I don't hate on any form of music just because. This stuff is just mad inconsistent. If you claim revolution then BE REVOLUTIONARY! If you claim thug then BE A THUG! If you make party music then DO THAT SHIT! Be what you say you are!!
On a more positive note, their follow up song is called "Dat Pussy Look Good." So of course I will expect Revs. Jackson and Sharpton down here preparing a march with them any day now. If any song can change the system and smash the state it must be "Dat Pussy Look Good" right...

Download "In Da Bikke" (pronounced bike...yeah I don't know either.)


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