Monday, August 27, 2007

DeeJay Quickie Mart "Super Mart Sessions" Mix

So let me start by saying my man DJ Quickie Mart is one of the hardest workin - on his grind - do the damn thang DJs on the planet. Originally he was in New Orleans (before Katrina - and you mighta seen him in Urb magazine when they covered the effects of Katrina on the music commuity in the area) and currently he's out in L.A. causin' havoc on the one's and two's all over the place.

I reached out to him to see what was up and suffice it to say that we will be featuring some music from the group he DJ's for in the very near future right here on Kicks-n-Jams!! Cool right?!?!! But for right now I wanna drop this "Super Mart Sessions" Vol. 3 mix on ya! Check it out.

Download "Part One"
Download "Part Two"

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