Monday, August 27, 2007

Telephone Jim Jesus "Anywhere Out Of The Everything" 9/25

For Those of you who are down with the instrumental side of music allow me to introduce you to Telephone Jim Jesus and his new album "Anywhere Out Of The Everything" on Anticon.

Terms like laid back, ambient, and chill out get thrown his way on a regular basis and make no mistake, throwin' this on for a late night drive out to the beach, or after a particularly stressful day at the office/cubicle/purgatory would not be out of the realm of possibility.

But the atmospherics of a TJJ album are a little edgier than what one might normally expect from standard ambient fare. A "trip" is what you get from this record. Not a bad one mind you, but don't expect Deepak Chopra to wander through the haze and reassure your troubled psyche. Melancholy is a key element, as is a certain openness to ambiguity over certainty.

TJJ is also a member of Restiform Bodies along with The Bomarr monk and Passage, both of whom appear on this album as well. The rest of the Anticon collective wanders in and out of the proceedings both announced and unannounced. This album is not for the dance floor, neither is it a backpacker anthem. If you dig Anticon's vibe you're gonna swear by it. If you don't well...

Download "Birdstatic"

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